Low Carbon Agriculture 2024

Innovations in Sustainable Practices

Our recent engagements with like-minded individuals and forward-thinking companies left us inspired by the collective dedication to reducing carbon usage and promoting sustainability. Among the notable encounters were discussions with Helen Browning OBE, Chief Executive of the Soil Association, whose insights into sustainable agriculture illuminated pathways for positive change. Additionally, our exchange with Adam Hanson from Countryfile provided valuable perspectives on the intersection of environmental stewardship and media outreach. From exploring the potential of drone technology in farming to witnessing the emergence of energy-efficient and low-carbon farming vehicles, our interactions underscored the breadth of innovation driving sustainability efforts. Discussions on carbon measurement, biomass utilisation, and advancements in agricultural technology further enriched our understanding of current practices and future possibilities. With meaningful exchanges with organisations like NFU Energy and beyond, we left energised and optimistic about the collaborative efforts shaping a more sustainable future for agriculture and beyond.

Low Carbon Agriculture 2024

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