Feedback and Complaints

At Flights For Their Future CIC, we value our customers’ satisfaction and aim to provide the highest level of service possible. We would really appreciate it if you could share with us your positive experiences using our Contact page. 


However, we understand that there may be occasions where you may not be entirely satisfied with our products or services. We take all complaints seriously and are committed to addressing them promptly and effectively. This policy outlines the procedure for making a complaint and how we will handle it.

1. Scope:

This policy applies to all complaints regarding Flights For Their Future CIC’s products, services, employees, third parties or any other aspect of our business operations.

2. How to Make a Complaint:

Customers can make a complaint through the following channels:

      • Online Form: Fill out the complaints form available on our website.

      • Telephone: Call our customer service number 01926 935211.

    3. Information Required:

    When making a complaint, please provide the following information to help us investigate and address the issue effectively:

        • Your name and contact information.

        • Details of the complaint, including relevant dates, times, and any supporting documentation.

        • Any previous correspondence related to the complaint, if applicable.

      4. Acknowledgment:

      Upon receiving your complaint, we will acknowledge it within 2-3 business days, confirming that we have received your complaint and outlining the next steps in the process.

      5. Investigation:

      We will promptly investigate your complaint to understand the issues involved and gather relevant information. Our investigation may involve contacting you for further details and examining our records or conducting interviews with staff members if necessary.

      6. Resolution:

      We will endeavor to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible. We aim to resolve it within 28 days of acknowledgement of the complaint and will keep you informed of the progress throughout the process.  

      7. Communication:

      We will communicate the outcome of our investigation to you in writing, either by email or letter. If the complaint is upheld, we will explain the actions we will take to address the issue and any remedies that may be offered.

      8. Escalation:

      If you are not satisfied with the resolution provided, you may request that your complaint be escalated to a higher level of management. We will provide you with details of how to escalate your complaint and ensure it receives appropriate attention. If you are not happy with the outcome of a complaint regarding fundraising, you have the opportunity to refer it to the Fundraising Regulator, if you do so within 2 months of receiving our response.

      9. Recording and Analysis:

      We will record all complaints received and analyse them periodically to identify any recurring issues or trends. This analysis will help us improve our products, services, and processes to prevent similar complaints in the future. 

      10. Confidentiality:

      We treat all complaints with the utmost confidentiality and handle your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy.

      11. Feedback:

      We welcome feedback on our complaints handling process and encourage you to provide suggestions for improvement. Your feedback helps us enhance our service delivery and customer satisfaction.

      12. Contact Information:

      For any questions or concerns regarding this complaints policy or to make a complaint, please contact us at:

      Flights For Their Future CIC, 11 Dormer Place, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV32 5AA, [email protected] or 01926 935211.

      Policy Review:

      This complaints policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure it remains effective and up-to-date. Any revisions will be communicated to our customers through our website and other appropriate channels.

      Flights For Their Future CIC reserves the right to update this policy at any time without prior notice.