Agroforestry in Action

21/05/2024 – Visit to Eastbrook Farm in Swindon with the Warwickshire Rural Hub

We had a really enjoyable and educational visit to Helen Browning OBE’s Eastbrook Farm on Monday 21st May. It was an exclusive tour showing how they are successfully building agroforestry into their organic farming system. With playing a pivotal role in the Soil Association, it was a fantastic opportunity and education all round

On Arrival

We were greeted with a nice hot cup of tea/coffee and biscuits, before setting off on our intriguing adventure, seeing Agroforestry in Action. We were joined and shown around by Ben Raskin from the Soil Association. Ben one of the countries leading agroforestry specialists.

The Tour

They started their agroforestry journey in 2016 and so, have a wealth of experience to share including, how they have experimented with a range of different tree species and layouts. The visit taught us useful methods of how to integrate trees into farming systems, on both large and small scales. The visit also revealed the various benefits agroforestry can bring.

We were lucky enough to see the orchard, examples of narrow and wide alley planting allowing for farm vehicles. There were roundels, shelterbelts, hedgerows and more. We even had the opportunity to taste some of the local organic berries grown on the farm.

It was the perfect opportunity to discover the practicalities along with the benefits of agroforestry for your farm. I strongly recommend going to visit the farm if the opportunity arises. Comprehensive and established Agroforestry in Action.

After Tour Treat – The Pub

After the tour, we treated to a complimentary lunch at Helen’s nearby Royal Oak Pub. The pub is situated in the village and provides a perfect opportunity to eat, relax and have a refreshing drink after a walk around the farm and take a look at all the goodies in the farm shop.

Photo’s from the day

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