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Flights for Their Future are striving for a greener and more sustainable future for all by planting saplings far and wide. We create woodlands, forests and hedgerows, replenishing existing woodlands to create new habitats for wildlife.

Planting trees and hedgerows is a very effective way to reduce carbon from the atmosphere, increase biodiversity and create nature corridors.

The support of our donors and volunteers is essential to help us achieve our mission. By donating, you will be contributing to the improvement of air quality and the overall beauty of our communities. We plant a variety of native trees and hedgerows. All our trees are UK grown and sourced here to reduce the risk of tree diseases being bought in from abroad. Before we embark on a project, we assess the site, soil and location to ensure the right trees are planted in the right places providing the best results and chance for them to thrive. Where possible, we would also like to carryout soil and air carbon monitoring at different stages of growth. For projects outside of the UK, trees would be planted native to those countries.

Our aim is to create a world where everyone has access to clean air, fresh water, and a healthy environment. With your help, we can continue to make a positive impact on the environment. Thank you for your support.

Prices include VAT, pest control and ongoing maintenance and monitoring

Planting a tree in someone's memory

 Planting a tree which will grow and develop, potentially for hundreds of years, knowing it is giving life to others, is one way to help with mental health and to help deal with loss.



We are carrying out our first projects here in the UK and plant a variety of trees which are known for their ability to thrive here, whilst planning ahead for their ability to thrive from the changes in climate. This will provide numerous benefits to local ecosystems. 

Flights For Their Future will not import trees or seeds into the UK, this will avoid diseases which can spread to other trees.

We and our team of volunteers will ensure each tree is planted and endeavour to attach a biodegradable name tag to all trees with the name of the person who purchased it for us to plant (this will not always be possible). You will also be protecting the trees from pest with protective tubing which goes around the sapling, as you can see in the photo. The trees will have to be nurtured in their first couple of years whilst they settle and will continue to be managed giving them the best chance of developing.

Thank you so much
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